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Photo by Josh World Peace (2018)

Who the Heck is Tanner?

Just some idiot trying to figure it all out.

But if that’s not enough for you, they also grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan just outside of Detroit, and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a double major in Film and American Studies. They are interested in the writing and production of films and television and is currently working as an executive assistant for the co-creator of Narcos, but deep down they just want to be creative doing what they love because that’s what their dad told them to do. 

They also also played trombone for nine years and might still be able to play "Tequila" at your little cousin's bar mitzvah if you ask nicely.

Also also also, one time when they were little, they drank gasoline and had to go to the hospital where the doctor was about to induce vomiting by force-feeding them charcoal except they burped most of it up on their own so instead she just gave them a grape-flavored popsicle.

Currently, they have been sober for 18 years and only uses gas for their car, their cooking, and occasionally their family’s lawn mower.

And finally, shout-out to the JKLP homies. 

And also finally, you can read more about my family over here:


instagram: @jklp.101
twitter: @TcipDawq
myspace: you already know

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Photo by  Peter Fink  (2016)

Photo by Peter Fink (2016)

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