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Photo by Peter Fink (2016)

Photo by Peter Fink (2016)

This Is Who Tanner Is!

He grew up in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a double major in both Film and American Studies. He is interested in the writing and production of films and television, and he knows that Adaptation. is the best movie of all time, The Leftovers is the greatest story ever told, and Victoria is a two and a half hour long-take that everyone should watch.

And you should read The Godfather because it's better than the movie, but Watchmen is better than anything else (the graphic novel, not the movie).

Back to Tanner, one time when he was a little kid, he drank gasoline and had to go to the hospital where the doctors and nurses were close to force-feeding him charcoal to induce vomiting but luckily he burped up most of it on his own so instead they just gave him a grape-flavored popsicle.

Currently, he has been sober for 18 years and only uses gas for his car and lawn mower.

Also, Superbad is a classic.


phone: +1 248 904 9820
twitter and instagram: @tcipdawq
myspace: you already know

General Inquiries

Tanner would love to hear if you like him and especially if you don't!

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Photo by Peter Fink (2016)

Photo by Peter Fink (2016)

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