Good Mourning

In memory of Pete Neumann:

It is raining,

And the water is cold.

But the day is waning,

So don’t just do what you’re told.

Cuz maybe you didn’t bring a suit,

And maybe you’re not a very good swimmer,

In which case the lifeguard will probably give her whistle a toot.

But we both know that pretty soon, everything will be dimmer,

So for right now, just kick off your shoes and take off your shirt,

And then run, run, run all the way down to that Big Wet Squirt.

Because as high as those waves may be in their size,

And as strong as that current might be in its pull,

And as annoying as it is when you get a little sand in your eyes,

Just remember this is all a Big Lake and swimming in it will make you the most full...

est. 1995

Tanner Cipriano